Miles & Associates
1121 Jackson Street NE
Suite 127
MN 55413

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Registered Architects
in MN & WI.

Licensed Real Estate Broker
in MN.

Licensed Building Contractor
in MN.

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We are experts at Construction Management because we are also Builders & Architects.

This unique skill set provides insights
and assets you can count on.

We typically provide one or more of the following services;
• Work with developer/owner of site direction
• Work with owner on building programming
• Work with Architects on design
• Work with Civil Engineers on site issues
• Work with Surveyors on CIC documents, platting and legal documents
• Manage contractor selection process
• Manage bid process
• Manage day to day construction process
• Manage post construction turn over
• Manage warranty issues
• Provide inspection and construction defect analysis

'On a Journey of Continuous Improvement.'

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